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This page modified May 18, 2015

IMPORTANT: There has recently been a case of someone purporting to be a window cleaner and asking residents for money. Please note that your windows are cleaned by a professional company employed by the managing agents and paid for from your service charges. Never pay anyone for ANY works on the buildings. If you find someone demanding money please contact the police on 101 and David Whittle at R&R on 020 7977 1892

Management of the Development

Greenland Passage is managed by Rendall and Rittner (

David Whittle is the property manager and the development’s primary contact. He can be reached at He is assisted by Zara Prosser ( 

In the event of maintenance emergency outside of office hours, please call Rendall and Rittner on 020 7702 0701 and you will be directed to an Emergency Maintenance Contractor. 

Contact Details
To assist with the management of the building and to respond effectively in the event of an emergency, please keep Rendall and Rittner informed of your full contact details, including telephone numbers and email address.  Also, if you let your property, please keep Rendall and Rittner informed of your tenants contact details.  
Please email any changes to,
tel. 020 7977 1892.

The address for Rendall & Rittner is Portsoken House, 155-157 Minories, London, EC3N 1LJ.

Refuse Disposal

Please ensure that all rubbish is placed in the bins provided for the benefit of all residents and to maintain the upkeep of the estate. Please only place your rubbish/recycling bags on the pavements for collection the day before they are due to be collected.

The rubbish collection days are as follows:

  • King Frederik IX Tower: Bins are collected on Mondays and Fridays.
    Recycling is collected on Tuesdays only.

  • Royal Court: Bins are collected on Mondays and Fridays.
    Recycling is collected on Saturdays only.
  • Queen of Denmark Court: Bins are collected on Mondays and Fridays.
    Recycling is collected on Saturdays only
  • Princes Court: Bins are collected on Mondays and Fridays.
    Recycling is collected on Saturdays only.

    If you have Garden Waste bins, collections will be on Thursdays only.

Removal of Large or Bulky Items

Large items, including furniture, should NOT be dumped in the refuse stores or any other part of the estate.  This is a potential fire hazard and it makes it difficult for other residents and the bin collectors to access the bins.

If you require a special collection for bulky items of rubbish, please contact Southwark Council on 020 7525 2000 or complete a web form at:
This is a FREE service and is paid for out of your council tax. We encourage you to use this to keep service charge costs down for the development.

Southwark requires at least seven working days notice for special collections. You are required to specify the exact location of the items and you are entitled to one free collection per calendar month, for a maximum of 15 items.  Each item must be listed when requesting the collection, as collectors will only pick up what is on the list.  Please keep bulky items in your property until the day of collection. 

Cost Savings 2014

In an effort to reduce costs for Greenland Passage, maintenance contracts are regularly re-tendered to ensure that they are competitive.  This year, savings have been made on the following items:

Pest Control: Our pest control contract was previously with Ecolab but following re-tendering has been changed to Microbee resulting in a significant cost saving.

Communal TV: Formerly with SCCI, this has now been changed to Community Vision. Please can we ask that if you experience any problems with your TV signal that you contact Rendall and Rittner directly who will inform Community Vision.

Caretaker:  Following a review in Spring last year, it was decided that a caretaker would be replaced by a handyman who would work two mornings per week. Hobex currently carry out this service and are onsite Tuesday and Friday morning, 8-12. If any meter readings are needed, please contact Rendall and Rittner directly who will inform the handyman.

Drain Contract:  The annual drainage contract with Unbloc was more than halved following a review of the maintenance cost. 

Window cleaning:  Following a review of the window cleaning, carried out by Westferry, it has been decided that this will be carried out three times a year (at four month intervals) rather than the current quarterly cleans.

Garage Security and Door Replacement 2014

The upgrade of the garage roller shutters and controller in King Frederik IX Tower and Queen of Denmark court along with the upgrade of the controller to Princes Court were completed in January this year.

Entry to the garages is with a key fob. The interior lighting of the garages has been improved and the sensors at QDC and PC have been improved so that the lights do not go out if you stand still for a short period of time. The lights should now stay on to give you plenty of time to exit the garages. These improvements should enhance the garage security and the Board is looking into the possibility of installing interior CCTV.

Garden Update

Since spring 2013 Groundcare Landscape Services and the gardening committee have strived to enhance the development gardens and exterior.

Royal Court and KFT have removed Ivy and overgrown fence and now enjoy Yew trees and plants.  Bulbs were planted around roots of trees for spring colour and this has had its second springtime showing. 

QDC, successfully experimented with a colourful year-round garden, robust enough to endure little soil, no rain and hopefully sunny summers. This is currently being rolled out into PC; who has also benefited from hedges being re-aligned and updating the central trellis. 

Louis Poulsen Lights

Over the years, the original Louis Pouslen lights that can be seen in the internal stairwells and on the exterior of the block have been replaced by plastic alternatives.  In an effort to uniform the estate, the original lights have been purchased. 

The interior lights are being replaced as part of the internal redecorations, with the exterior lights being replaced over the next couple of months. 

Louis Poulsen light

Internal Redecorations 2014

The internal redecorations were started in October last year. Princes Court has now been completed with Queen of Denmark Court due to be completed within the next month. It is expected that King Frederik Tower will be started in early June. 

In order to preserve the freshly painted areas, can we please remind you that bikes should not be chained to the bannisters and that utmost care should be taken when moving  items through the stairways.

Car Parking Permits

You are reminded that residents are issued with two parking permits, one with a box in which you should write (clearly) the registration number of your car and the other for visitors.

The paper at the back of the permits can be peeled back so that they can be stuck on to the windscreen.

Cars not displaying valid parking permits or displaying forged/copied permits will receive a fixed penalty notice. Should you lose your permit the cost for replacement is £25.

Please contact Rendall and Rittner if you lose your permit or if you spot a car parked without a permit.

Window Leaks

Over the years many residents have experienced leaks with their aluminium window frames, particularly at King Frederik IX Tower and for many years the Board has been trying to determine, exactly, the cause. Leaks appeared during particular weather conditions (rain and wind from a particular direction and strength). We had considered many times that the cause was the vent caps, or lack of them, on some windows and have installed new caps to all aluminium windows across the development.

Paved Terraces & Weight Problems

It has been drawn to our attention that many residents are now starting to use large planters and putting heavy objects on the paved areas of terraces and balconies. We must draw to your attention that the slabs are deemed to be a lightweight structure only. Beneath the paving slabs is a metal support system raised on wooden blocks which sit straight onto the felt membrane that gives weather protection to our roofs and terraces. With excessive weight the metal support system and wooden supports move, causing stress and strain on the felt and, in some instances, leaks occur.

We must advise that no large pots, or an excessive number of planters or heavy weighted objects should be used. If it is found that a weight problem has caused a roof or terrace to deteriorate and leak or crack, then the lessee in question will be deemed responsible for any repair costs.


There does seem to be further problems arising with leaks from overflow pipes on the development. Please ensure that any leaks are dealt with promptly as any damage or staining to the brick or stonework may be recovered by an additional service charge.

Pest Control

All developments on the river suffer from visits from river rats. Reports that rats have been discovered at Greenland Passage have been received, and that they are living in, and going through, rubbish in bin stores.

We would request that all waste is properly wrapped and that nothing should be stored in your bin store that might provide a quiet and warm nesting spot for vermin.

Our pest control contract was previously with Ecolab but following re-tendering has been changed to Microbee resulting in a significant cost saving.

Do’s & Don'ts

The displaying or erection of Estate Agents' boards or any other notices is prohibited in the lease.

Don’t break the rules - again, as we all live in very close proximity to each other, we must be mindful that noise travels, and that there should be no noise coming from any properties that causes disturbance or annoyance to others. Please be a good neighbour.

Do contact Southwark Council’s Noise Control Team if you are disturbed. They can be contacted on 020 7525 5777.

Do report any suspicious happenings around our Estate, security breaches in the car park etc. to the Police immediately on 999.

Do report any obvious faults or defects within the development: doors not closing, lights not operating, to Rendall and Rittner by email

Do let Rendall and Rittner know if you are moving out of a building, and the details of the person who is replacing you.

We need to have up-to-date contact information for residents, in case of emergency, and/or in case of need for urgent repairs and access to the buildings.  Please cooperate fully with this requirement – your own health and safety may be at stake, in addition to your neighbours.


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